BTS’ American Hustle Life Streams


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The show starts at 8 pm kst on Thursdays 


7 am est

6 am cst

5 am mst

4 am pst


1 pm cest

2 pm eest

(Like I said on the Music Core post I don’t live in Europe so I don’t really know the times zones. I am really sorry and I hope the two I gave helps)

Side note: I used the first link for 5MBC 

let’s jump !

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오늘 하복을 입었는데 동복보다 역시 시원하네요. 그리고 방금 빙수도 먹었는데 어우 시원하네요. 또 밖에 비가오는데 아우 시원하네요. -JK-

I wore my summer uniform today
And as expected, it’s cooler than my winter uniform
And I ate a bingsoo just now 
Ah, it’s cool.
It’s raining again outside.
Ah, it’s cool.

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DJ Jam-in

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JIN: Suga is a person who has a HIP HOP style on stage. When I first saw him, I recognized that he loves HIP HOP…and, when there’s something broken in our dorm, he’d fix it quietly. He’s a reliable person. But..

ALL: But!

JIN: For the food that I make…He’s the most strict person in evaluating. 

SUGA: It’s in order to enhance Jin’s culinary skills, I have a strict [high-standard] evaluation.

JIN: But…

ALL: But!

JIN: He’s really a manly man.

JIMIN: He’s like a Grandfather. (laughs)

JUNGKOOK: Suga hyung isn’t talkative, but there’s weight in his words.


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Question: What is Jungkook’s position in the company?

RAP MONSTER: Flat employee….of the top (laughs). Because his work is excellent, our company can’t fire him. 

V: I envy him. Once I’m fired, there’s no where to go, only garbage can. (laughs)

RAP MONSTER: V loves the word trash. (laughs)


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put on a fake smile, darling, you’re still not dead


Collision of dreams and stardom.

Rapper line centric.

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